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We are under construction but can't wait for you to taste our cool coffee!

As the name implies, we are a hockey-themed coffee company. The love for hockey has implored us to create blends based on the greatest sport on earth (in our opinion).

We currently have five non-flavored and five flavored varieties along with one flavored decaf blend in 8oz., and 16oz bags. Coffee can be whole bean or ground.

Our coffee is organically grown from all over the world. We offer coffee from Ethiopia, Sumatra (Indonesia), Costa Rica, Mexico, Columbia, Kenya, Guatemala, and Brazil to produce coffee blends with a multi-region mixture for full, smooth body or complex and balanced flavors.

All of our blends are put together in custom percentages for optimum flavor and quality.

We invite you to enjoy our Healthy Scratch, an organically grown bean from Mexico, which has a light and mildly nutty flavor with a sweet aroma.

Or try our the Short-Hander, a specialty hazelnut decaf that is grown in Columbia but decaffeinated in Germany.

Until we are up and running, please email us with your request and we will arrange everything from selection to delivery.

A portion of the proceeds goes to help local youth hockey programs.

Healthy Scratch
Delayed Penalty
Cherry Picker
Cheap Shot
Benders Brew
Barn Burner
Odd Man Rush
Slow Whistle

Want to try our coffee?

Until our site is built, please email us for pricing and to order.